Facts on Hanging a Chandelier

One of the first things we notice when we walk into a space is the chandelier. Sometimes we see that jaw dropping feature that takes our breath away, but there are those times we are either overwhelmed or deeply disappointed in the chandelier chosen. There are many factors that take place in order to select the perfect statement piece for your space.
In my opinion, the most important factor is the size of the object. You have to take account the size of the room, and the space available. The cardinal rule for determining size is roughly 2 ½ inches per foot in ceiling height. So, say your space has 10 foot ceilings, you would choose a chandelier that is about 25 inches tall.
If this statement piece is being located in a space that people will be walking through, such as a hallway or living room, make sure you leave at least 78 inches between the lowest point of the chandelier and the ground. It is important to make sure that anyone moving around in the space is able to walk comfortably without feeling the need to adjust their height to move about.
Now, where we usually expect these items to be hung is above a table top. We have a little more work to figure this one out since we have to take the table, or island, size into account. There should be 30-34 inches of space from the lowest point to the top of the table. It is better to remain on the higher end of this number, since we are trying to prevent this piece from taking over the space. The next thing we tend to skip is the diameter. The diameter should add up to 12 inches, or more, less than the diameter of the table. We do not want our guest to be bumping their heads when there are moving to or from their chairs.
The last Factor in choosing the perfect piece comes down to the style. There is so many options that we sometimes fell overwhelmed, and wonder if we made the right decision in picking the correct style for the space.
The traditional chandelier is typically timeless and ornate. The lights resemble the look of candles, but use electrically. If you want to make your space feel formal, this is the one for you.
Crystal chandeliers consists of intricate designs and adds a romantic and glamorous look. These are beautiful statement pieces, but they often come with a hefty price tag.
The Drum chandelier is exactly what it sounds like, resembles the shape of a drum. The lampshade is in the shape of a circle and tends to subdued the intensity of the lights. This is perfect for you if you are wanting to achieve and softer feel.
The Island Chandelier takes on a more contemporary style. It is a more elongated piece that is often located above and island or long, rectangular table.
A Mini Chandelier is just a smaller version of a larger chandelier. Clients like to use these in spaces that where they want that statement piece, but don’t want the intensity of the size overwhelming the room. The best places to hang these chandeliers are in a bedroom, bathroom and even a closet.
The Tiered Chandelier has levels to it. Each tier that is added, the larger, and taller the piece is. These are meant for tall ceilings, as we would see in a foyer. If this is a space you will be locating this, make sure it is hung in the center of the space and does not proceed lower than 7 feet of the ground. If your entryway is two stories, it should not be hung lower than the bottom of the second floor.
No matter the style or size of the piece, if the chandelier is appropriate for the space, it will capture the attention of anyone entering the room. Now that you are informed on the basics on determining which chandelier should find a place in your home, which one is perfect for you?
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