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 Daddy Lui of @Daddysleather on Instagram 

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While we approach Spring and COVID 19 numbers still high across the country I take a look back at things I found to keep my self inspired and occupied during the lockdown.

Meet Lui of Daddy's Leather Miami master leather maker at his workshop in Miami Fl. 


Snake Skin's made into lamps, a bike and a popcorn machine

While as artists we all move to a more sustainable way of life and art in the recent months, a growing number luxury fashion houses like Gucci and Michael Kors have announced a commitment to more ethical fashion practices.


A Holly Hunt Chair repaired to mint condition

This past year, Maison Margiela shared that after designer John Galliano's meeting with PETA, the brand would go fur free, joining the ranks of brands like Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Tommy Hilfiger and more who have long eliminated fur from their collections.


 My Crocodile Skin

This new wave of major brands championing sustainable fashion marks a great leap forward for fashion, so for consumers looking to shop more consciously and fur-free, we've compiled a list of designers who have joined in on the movement.


Lui at work on my bag 

However, what is one to do with leftover leathers from projects and alike. From my cherished shoes to travel bags I take great care in their maintenance and upkeep.

I have always yearned to have a crocodile bag and had left over skins from a project in NYC. I had been saving them in hopes of finding an Italian workshop to sew them together into a tote bag for myself.

Funnily enough via all my online post midnight internet trolling I found Daddy's Leather. 

Lui Cutting The Skins

I reached out to Lui via his instagram account and and Voila! I booked myself an appointment with the master with a mask and spent the afternoon brainstorming on the design of my bag.

I realized the shape I wanted was the exact same shape of a laundry bag I had nicked from one of the luxury hotels while on Safari in Africa years ago. I took the bag with me to my meeting. 


Cut & Paste

Lui made it quite clear that based on the math and the odds and ends I had it was for me to come up with the design. I channeled my inner designer and realized since I had black and brown why not make one side black and the other brown and use the patterns of the skin's to evoke the its origin. 


Cut & Sew

As any good shopper I thought why not get two bags for the price of one. So I used the brown skins on the front of the bag and the black skins for the back of the bag which would be exposed to more wear and tear. I could not be happier with the final result.

I thought I was caught in a delusional covid haze so, I text the photo of the finished product to all my fashionable friends for their reactions all of which were in shock and great awe of Lui's and my combined vision and talent. 

Michou's Man Bag 

While as now Floridians we are all reminded where ever there is water there is either a Crocodile or Alligator we remain in awe of nature and its beast. This past week the video below went viral of a inhabitant of Naples Fl golf course. 

I encourage everyone with an idea or repair to reach out to Lui to help your dreams come true. 


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