Collective "design" Consciousness

I have a somewhat irrational design fear. Maybe I am putting too much thought into this but the more I am courted by or brought into design studios I am confronted with the portfolio of ideas.

As a designer and often part of a design team having an "inspiration folder" is pretty standard practice. In fact, the images on this post are from my own folder.

At Donghia we all had our office walls covered in our own personal design inspiration. It was a wonderful experience to walk into someones office or studio especially Sherri Donghia's office and instantly be confronted with their inspiration. It was moving to have this openness and be able to see in a capsule what their gut design feeling expressed. Some of us changed what was displayed often and some just added layers but regardless it was telling.

My fear is of a, "collective design consciousness." There is so much information at our finger tips now a days. The sensory overload and simulation of design inspiration both past and present is a gift of the modern age. My fear is seeing the contents of these design inspiration folders that I have been privy to recently with overlapping images. There is generally always something from or or the many design blogs that we all follow.

I want this posting to be a red flag to both the the well seasoned and the green designers out there, get outside and explore one step further. Go to the book store or library, museums, galleries, auction previews and find inspiration that is yours alone.


I wish you the best of luck.

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