Thomas Fuchs Creative


$ 633

Silver Interstellar - Top

A pure cylindrical, smooth and essential form with an extraordinary decorative strip made with the “rostri” technique: a crown of hand-applied and shaped prisms, creates fascinating games of transparencies and a unique material consistency.

 Demensions - Width 6.69 X Hight 15.74

While training in fine arts at the Corcoran School of Art & Design, Fuchs developed a classical aesthetic with a modern twist that he incorpo- rates into everything he does. Also, his use of the “Golden Mean”—designing within a geometric construct that has proven to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye- has heavily informed his work. This twist on tradition, whether it’s creating chandeliers for a church in Aix-en- Provence and high-end department store Bergdorf Goodman, designing slightly sinister stemware based on the macabre hit “Dexter”, or showcasing various other projects in hotels such as the Ritz-Carlton in Miami, the Bellagio and Venetian in Las Vegas, has made Fuchs highly sought after by designers, architects, interior decorators, and a plethora of artisans.

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