PRE-ORDER Skull Stamp Water Glass - Melon

$ 125

To create a circular production process that yields little to no waste, Thomas Fuchs Creative produces these vibrant, original glasses from 100% recycled glass. The recycled material is sourced from the debris of other glass manufacturers in the region of our Indian manufacturer.

Due to the nature of our sourcing and manufacturing process, these eco-friendly, artisan glasses will take up to 4 months to be delivered to you. We appreciate your patience.


“Don’t be such a …bonehead.” Did you know that these glasses are hand made by a master glass blower that has spent a huge part of their life mastering the skill? He gives it that cute little Skull face seal while it is still piping HOT. Then after it cools, hands it over to another artisan to hand carve each glass on a polishing stone. Pretty amazing!

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