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Lola Blankets

This week we introduce you to Tommy Higham founder and owner of LOLA BLANKETS. Tommy Higham was an entrepreneur from the get go. Growing up in Idaho he had his sites on going to college in Provo Utah.

Once at BYU ( Brigham Young University)  he realized based on his limited financial resources he didn't even have the funds to buy a bed. His mind went into over drive and hence from the power of imagination he invented "Pallet Bedz" necessity is truly the mother of invention . Pallet Beds came about by his ingenious idea of going around sourcing pallets and designing and creating a bed frame out of them. 

Luxuriating in a Lola Blanket

Born into an age of social media, Tommy innocently posted his idea feeling loud and proud  consequently non other than retail giant Urban Outfitters reposted his hack and hence his company took off! Two years down the line Tommy sold the company. 


Lola Blanket

Once again Tommy was thrown into a whirlwind upon the news of his mother's breast cancer. Tommy noticed during the entire time his mother was in her treatments she had her version of a minky blanket thus inventing his next company Lola Blankets

Lola Blankets is a tribute to his mother Amy Higham, nick named Lola. She lived a thoughtful life, devoted to the service of others. Through years of living with breast cancer and enduring its treatments, Amy found comfort in her soft minky blanket. This blanket also became a comfort to her entire family. Prior to Amy’s passing, left each of her children their own minky blanket with a personalized note, just like hers, to bring comfort and love when she could no longer be there.

Minky Lola Blanket Large Size 

Where an average minky blanket may be standard in design Lola Blankets are fashion forward combining patterns and designs in an asymmetrical layout making the blanket seem more current. Each blanket is double-sided making the customer not only enjoy the minky on the outside it additionally caresses your skin. The double hemming ensures quality and durability. Lastly the unique stretch fabric creates a hug like feeling when using the blanket. 

Huntsman Cancer Institue

Also in Amy’s honor, Lola Blankets has created Blankets for the Brave. As part of this program, Lola Blankets gifts our most special minky blankets to Huntsman Cancer Institute and to women who are living with stage four breast cancer. These blankets are a gift of encouragement and comfort. These blankets are a reminder to live like Lola.


Tommy Making Deliveries to The Huntsman Cancer Institute 

The word is fast spreading Netflix's @Amanzasmith is a huge fan as seen in her instagram stories above


Amanza Smith Loving Her Lola Blanket

Lola Blankets will open its 1st store front in the Grand Teton Mall and if you don't find yourself in that area you can always head over to their website LOLABLANKETS.COM  prices range from $89 for the small to $279 for the large.

Perfect for any season or reason we think its always a great time to cozy up in a Lola Blanket!


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