How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space

If you are anything like me, when the weather is nice, you like to bring your parties or gatherings outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you have a large backyard, or a small patio, these few tips will help you create the perfect outdoor space.


The first thing to do is create a spot to gather. Pick out your favorite spot, whether it may be under a tree, around a fire pit, or by a water feature, and arrange your seating to create a welcoming hangout area. This gives your guest a place to gather around.


This next tip is centered around lighting. Usually people hit a road block when it comes to lighting since it isn’t the easiest thing to figure out when it comes to the outdoors. Unless you create a covered area, you cannot hang a chandelier, or light fixture, over your table or sitting area. A good was to add light is to either use candles, Christmas lights, or lanterns in the trees over your gathering area.


Now I know not everyone might have the room for this next tip, but if you have a larger area, and can get creative, dedicate a spot for one of your favorite backyard games. This will defiantly attract attention, while giving your guest more interaction to the space. Life size checkers, or bocce ball, are great interactive games for both adults, and kids.


If you find your space may be a litter smaller, or not attract as much light as you would like, adding mirrors will solve this issue. Whether the mirrors you used are big or small, mirrors expand an area, and can help define the overall style of your space.


This last tip is for folks that live in a colder climate. We all know you don’t want your guest so cold that they would rather bundle up inside, so the solution is to add heaters to the area your will be gathering in most. Outdoor heaters can be a statement piece, or add a more inviting appeal.


Hopefully these few tips will encourage you to enhance your space, and make you feel more confident when you hold your next gathering outdoors.   

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