Fireflies in Japan


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This week we take you on a virtual tour to Japan. Thomas and I have yet to travel to Japan, however, as of now we virtually travel from our desks in our home office to help us dream and be inspired from places that seem even more distant and worlds away due to the Covid pandemic.


Midnight in the Forest

In the summer, around June and July, firefly season kicks into full swing in Japan and watching (and photographing) the natural light show is a popular pastime. Photographer Daniel Kordan shot a beautiful set of photos that captures the magic of hotaru season.

In the summer of 2019, Kodan was shooting in a remote location on Kyushu, the third-largest island of Japan’s five main islands, and he was treated to quite an experience.

“They call them hime hotaru in Japan – synchronous fireflies,” Kordan tells us. “At this remote location of Kyushu island, we saw a really crazy amount of them. At a certain moment when your eyes get used to dark ambient light you see the whole forest is blinking synchronously like a Christmas tree! It’s like a big wave of stars going up and down in the deep bamboo forest.”


 Fireflies in the Bamboo Forest

If you’d like to shoot your own firefly photos, make sure you do your research, as the windows for best viewings may be quite narrow in certain places.

“Watching fireflies is a very exciting thing,” Kordan says. You should arrive long before the night to find spot, composition, talk to local photographers to understand best conditions (peak of fireflies may be just a few days at certain locations).


 Ringaround a Posey Fireflies

Note that what you see in these photos is not what your eyes actually see at the location, though the sight is still dazzling and beautiful. To best capture starry fields of fireflies, you’ll need to turn to a technique known as stacking, or automatically combining details from a large number of images into a single “stacked” photo.


Dancing Fireflies

In order to photograph them you need to make a stack of hundreds of images because on exposures more than 1 minute you’ll get lots of hot pixels, but not a single photo can show how beautiful it is — a shimmering and blinking forest full of little stars Kordan says.


Photographer Daniel Kordan

You can find more of Kordan’s work on his websiteFacebook500px, and Instagram.


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