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Every Monday and Friday we take you behind the scenes to the people, places and things that inspire us. This week we introduce you to who designs and manufactures these "heart shaped" ashtrays. 

As everyone knows we are obsessed with colour so when I came across these I knew not only did I have to have them I need to tell everyone about them and VALENTINE gift them to all our friends.


 Heart's in the Sky @hype_studio by Defne Surek

Defne Surek  is 20 years old and currently studying media and communications in Istanbul, Turkey. Her interest in arts is inherent - art is an outlet for many creative ideas that pop into my head.

Surek doesn't have any formal training in arts but attended several independent studios to improve her skills in her spare time. What used to be a profound passion transformed into a business idea as people show interest in her work more and more on a daily basis.


Artist Defne Surek 

Consequently, she established her brand – HYPE-STUDIO. The name resonates with my state of mind – an insatiable desire to immerse myself in all sorts of artistic expression.


 Purple & Pink Hearts by @hype_studio

The pandemic  and the long periods of time everyone was stuck indoors last year enabled her to focus more on different product ranges. She is currently making objects from clay such as the heart ash-trays and lip incense holders.

They are part of my “Lust” collection. Defne's main motivation in creating this bright pink and red series is to bring an energetic, hyped-up feeling into our daily lives which have become extremely dull lately.

"Every time people use my products, I want them to remember that it is OK to let go of your worries and enjoy life."





Defne loves working  and experimenting with different materials, such as clay, textiles, linographs, and etching. Any item that she can incorporate her art into becomes  a part of my portfolio.

Totes, different items of clothing with unique hand painted designs, large size paintings that she will be selling as prints, incense holders are some to name a few.

 Thomas Fuchs Melamineware Dinnerware Set Perfect for Valentines 


Surek's website is in its early stages of development, and will eventually include everything I design. Customers can  place orders from her or instagram website. At the moment she has not made any retail arrangements, but would consider them in the future.

A final note: She is also an amateur musician and composes piano pieces.


I LOVE THESE!!!! Perfect gifts. Thank you for the introduction.

Camille February 13, 2021

Wonderful ashtrays!!!! Love to buy one !!!!!!

April February 13, 2021


Amazing!!! February 13, 2021

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